Monday, 13 January 2014

Letter to Arvind Kejriwal - Kamal Farooqui Is An Honest Test Of The Road You Will Take To Bring About The Change

Dear Arvind ,
Ex-Samajwadi Party leader Farooqui meets Arvind Kejriwal, says 'everybody is interested in joining AAP'
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This news extensively shocks me and other many admirers of AAP. Yes I know you ve not given green signal to him yet. Yes I know that and believe that you are a bunch of intelligent and perspicacious people. Yes I know that we should not doubt your intention. Most Importantly I know that  if I can discriminate between right and wrong , you must have planned far brilliant things. Therefore , this news should not be shocking for me, for I must know that you would think 1000 times before taking any such decision.
But it shocks me. Farooqui’s meeting with you does not shock me, media’s speculations don’t shock me (I never cared about their exit polls even) , neither do the statements  of other parties on this meeting. What shocks me is , the statement of Farooqui post meeting.
 On being asked whether he was going to join AAP, Farooqui said that he "would let you know (reporters) tomorrow".
Read it carefully Arvind. What does it mean ? What message does it convey ? What does it hint to your admirers , people who took interest in politics for the first time in their entire lives? Let me tell you what do I understand by this statement (quite possible Farooqui’s intent was just to convey this false message to people like me in order to break our trust in you). This statement makes one understand that You have offered Farooqui to join AAP and he demanded one day time to think over it. Isn’t it ridiculous ? I believe that you ve not made any such offer. I trust in you and your intellect and your principles .
All I mean to say that you must not take this man just because he’ll bring in some Muslim votes. Its irony of our country that instead of working for Muslims , our leaders use them. Be it Congress, SP or BJP. Everyone has same theory . Add a big leader with you and a huge community of minority would cast their vote in your name. Please do not fall in the same line Arvind , I believe you shall not. This man doesn’t deserve to stand with you. Sins he has done are too abhorrent to forgive.[to name one - Farooqui, who was sacked by SP as its secretary in September following his controversial comment that Indian Mujahideen co-founder Yasin Bhatkal was arrested because of being a Muslim, said here that he would announce his decision on joining AAP on Monday.]
 Also , AAP is not holy Gangey where even the most nefarious souls can get rid of their sins and get Moksha .
You are wise enough to understand feelings of your admirers. We are the people who never bothered about the elections and politics. We are the one who used to eat drink and be merry in our lives until you made us realize our power as well as our responsibilities.

Jai Hind
An Aam Aadmi

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