Monday, 13 January 2014

Stupid fable : The tyrant and the truth

Once the Lion , leader of beasts had a fight with an elephant and utimately killed him. The Elephant was also a mighty creature and he left the king in immense combat injuries. After the war was over, the ministers surrounded him.

“My lord , you are unequivocally the most powerful among all creatures in the universe. That rook was almost 100 times of your size , but you put him down in just one attempt. We are lucky to have a captain like you.” said the fox.
“We feel safe under your kingdom. You are our saviour” the hyena uttered.
Similary all the animals expressed their gratefulness except the rabbit who was sitting quiet.

When lion asked for his opinion he said carefully “I think its your persecution on herbivorous animals which made the elephant rebel. You and your commanders kill any deer or bull or lamb whenever they feel like. I think you should make strict rules in this concern to avoid further outbreaks”
Lion was stunned. He was not so wise to take this feedback positively. He was, being a King, acquainted of praise and blandishment. He mangled the rabit with a mighty punch.

Moral : A tyrant seldom assents the truth.

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